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UPDATE: The next BOE meeting will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 20. The meeting will open to the public at 7 p.m.
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Gradball 2012
 Welcome to the Grad Ball 2012 Web Page!

All of the information you need regarding Grad Ball 2012 can be found on this website.  Please note the pages on the right side of this site which contain additional details about the event.  Useful forms and files are included in the Files section located at the bottom of this page.
TEN Grad Ball Myths Dispelled

More of the TEN Grad Ball Myths Dispelled

Myths NUMBER 4, 5, 6 & 7 (March 2012)

Myth FOUR: I can’t dedicate any time to a committee
or task so there is nothing I can do to help.

Truth:  THE BABY PICTURE COMMITTEE REALLY NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! We still need 100-plusbaby pictures! Not all parents submitted their email address so we really needto get the word out. Talk to your kids, friends neighbors, etc and let themknow we need ALL of this years graduates baby pictures. Now! The deadline isApril 15!

Stop and think: Nobody wants to see any grad left out of this. Imagine their sad faces when they walk into the gym on June 21st, only to find an empty space where an embarrassing baby picture is meant to be. Send it to  Susan Quiat:

Attach to email -- or deliver to 17 DeYoung Road.

Myth FIVE: If you are not already signed up on a committee, on a list, or expected to show up, you can’t and shouldn’t and would feel out of place.

Truth: You don’t need to be on any list or committee to show up and lend a hand. There are still several construction projects to be assigned and built. The time to volunteeris now. We need several teams of 2 or more. Each team will take on aproject and bring it to completion. Come to the Design Studio (aka: Rifle Room) on Wednesday evening 3/28 and speak to our Construction chairs Butch Weathers, Mike Mancuso, or Joe Aportela for more info.

Myth SIX: There are many committees,including construction and painting committees that have been working all year on building and painting, and they don’t need any additional help. Even if youare on another committee, you can’t also show up for construction work.

Truth: Teams have been working since January a few nights a week in smaller groups in the Design Studio (aka: rifleroom) to prepare for getting into the gym on Memorial Day weekend and starting the 5 weeks of actual construction. If you can’t make it Wednesday 3/28,contact Butch Weathers @ 201-257-7606. There are jobs for men and women!

Myth SEVEN: I can’t dedicate any time to a committee or task so there is nothing I can do to help. (No you are not loosing you mind this one is so important that we had to list it twice)

Truth: The hospitality committee needs nonperishable items; cups, plates, forks, water, napkins, etc. We don’t care if they say Happy 1st birthday or Happy New Year 1900! Just email us at and we would be happy to accept these items. Perhaps you would be willing to donate a 12 pack of water or Soda. No donation is too small!


TEN Grad Ball Myths Dispelled

NUMBERS 1 -3 (Oct. 2011)

Myth ONE: The people working on Grad Ball know each other and are friends that have been planning and working together on this and other volunteer projects for years.  

Truth: Many people working on Grad Ball have never met before, and are sharing the same mission to give a wonderful gift to their children, and developing new and lasting friendships with people they never, or barely knew before.

Myth TWO: Grad Ball is run by a small group of parents, many who have done it before, know what they are doing, and aren’t looking for help from people that aren’t familiar with how it works.

TruthGrad Ball parents are a mixture of those that have done it before or seen it done, and those that have never worked on a Grad Ball before.

Myth THREE:Your children don’t really care if you are involved in their Grad Ball. 

Truth: Your kids have been waiting their entire High School years for their own Grad Ball, and want to be surprised by their theme and what is waiting for them. They are very proud of their parents for playing a role in Grad Ball and being a part of it.  When everyone is dancing with their parents at midnight, the ones that know that their parents made it all happen, have proud smiles on their faces knowing how special this gift really is.


 Tax form.pdf
If you purchase items for the Ball, we are exempt from paying tax. But you need the form.
 past themes.pdf
See the themes selected in the past. The Library has more info on this.
Expenditure Worksheet Revised 5/6/11
 2012 committee chairs revised 6-21-11.pdf
Committee Chairs-Updated 6/21/11
Contribution Letter
50/50 docs, including ticket order form
 permission slip.docx
Permission Slip Form
 table reservatio form.docx
Table Reservation Form
+ Falk, Doug
+ Miller, Jon
+ Padilla, Valerie
+ Zimmerman, Jean
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